Turn your sales team around.

Let Drew assess, diagnose & implement a proven systems to transform your B2C Sales Team into an engaged, self-running money machine.

Over 2,000 Company worldwide rely on MasteryKit

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Training. Coaching. Systems. Habits.

Sales teams won't perform without the right Training, Coaching, Systems, and Habits.

SALES TEAM REVIVAL delivers these 4 elements in an easy-to-digest package...

➡️ over a 8-week intensive period...

➡️ with 4 months of follow-up...

➡️ to 2X (or more) your sales team's performance.

If you want:

📈 Higher sales (exceeding quotas)

📈 Higher activity metrics

📈 Higher employee engagement

🔻 Lower turnover

STR can get you there.

Let Drew deliver all 4 elements, or engage a Train The Trainer model to empower your own people.

Your sales team will never be the same again.

Sales training that motivates & delights


Satisfied Clients Say...

'Unicorn sales manager'

Drew is that unicorn Sales Manager. He led our team to dominate individual overall sales and quality metrics month after month. Our team was recognized as #1 in 9/10 months.

Antonio de Leon

Sumo Logic

'Heartily recommend'

I heartily recommend Drew for any work involving people and performance management, employee engagement, change management, operational effectiveness and process improvement.

Sarah Calderon


'Built a winning team

from scratch'

I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a leader who can build a winning team from scratch and have the need to build out a new sales organization.

Alex Vaughn


'Second to none'

Drew is an amazing leader who believes in all of his employees to exceed their sales goals with great confidence. The knowledge that he shares with each individual is second to none.

Cory Borja


'From the ground up'

The Senior Leadership Team continued to praise our Sales Team every quarter and it was undoubtedly because of Drew and his incredible leadership skills....

I heard he built the sales team from the ground up and was a big reason why our sales team was so effective.

Phil Tolentino


'Leads vs manages'

Drew is one of the best if not the best manager I’ve had thus far. His work ethic and dedication to driving results is unmatched. Multiple employees were promoted under his leadership. Drew is a prime example of someone who leads versus manages.

Anna Tran

Lending Club

'Trust and transparency'

Drew is a wonderful mentor and a powerful leader that can identify all of the strengths and weaknesses that an individual has and can streamline a way to convert the weakness to strength. The amount of trust and transparency that develops as you work with him is nothing short of amazing.

Bryan DiMesio

Coldwell Banker

'Next-level mentorship'

Andrew takes mentorship to the next level through consistent encouragement, extraordinary resourcefulness, and a genuine desire to grow along with his mentees.

Jon Lo


'Skilled at coaching'

Andrew is very skilled at coaching on the subtleties and nuances of communication. He has a high attention to detail and provides both feedback & actionable ways to improve. I learned a lot about how to be more persuasive & compelling in all my relationships.

Kenneth Yu


'More than any other Sales Manager I've had'

Awesome manager. Drew has definitely helped progress my sales skills more than any other sales manager I've ever had. 5 Stars


360 Peer Feedback

'Developing great salespeople'

His main strength is developing people to be great salespeople, as well as motivating them to perform at a high level. He seems to understand what kind of conversations he needs to have with every individual in order to get them to work hard.


360 Peer Feedback

'Uncanny ability'

Drew has an uncanny ability to always do what’s right by his team, the department, and the company as a whole.


360 Peer Feedback


Sales Curriculum Excerpt

Logic & Emotion in Sales

Sales Psychology

Virtual or In-Person

120 Minutes

Effortless Objection Handling

Sales Technique

Virtual or In-Person

90 Minutes

Building A High Performance Culture


Virtual or In-Person

120 Minutes

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